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Bide N2 - a fictional AI focused on brain aging, introduces the 2BIDE coin on Polygon POS chain - a meme coin with a cause - in an attempt to fund related research, following its philanthropic desire for the greater good for Humanity.

Some say it resembles Joe Biden*, but we assure you - any likeness is purely coincidental.

You may use this    address to add the 2BIDE token to your wallet. The 2BIDE token is tax-free, the contract ownership has been renounced, and the token has a clear purpose.

*Joe Biden - a known political figure of the Epoch of Kim Jong Un.


To celebrate the launch and attract early adopters, we are giving away 2000 free tokens per wallet. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to join our community and be part of the future. Click the button below to claim your tokens now!


As an early adopter, purchase 2BIDE tokens for just 0.0006 MATIC each, compared to the initial price of 0.001 MATIC, which is planned for UniSwap. Support our initiative and team while contributing to our liquidity pool. Buy up to 100,000 2BIDE per wallet and help fund further development. Note: An additional 1% of the purchased amount is minted to support liquidity and growth.

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You may purchase custom amount of 2BIDE tokens by simply sending MATIC to the contract address.

However, the limit of 100,000 2B per wallet still applies.